UPDATE! – News and the only sites I use.

Okay! I know. Where did I go? What happened to me? Why was I not here with you? Why? Right? No body wants to know.

Hehe, let’s get straight to the point.

I know that I haven’t been able to update this blog as frequently as I used to, but I’m here with a news! This blog will now be updated every Tuesday! Yes. Every Tuesday with great content. InshaAllah!

As you all know that I’ve started makeovers services, I have another blog, the social media, the novel, my personal life, and my exams are in the process as well, so it got kinda hard for me to keep up with multi-tasked life I have created for myself. But now I will update this every week.

If you don’t understand one word that I’m saying…trust me, it’s not your fault.


The update is that I’m extremely sorry for not being as with the uploads. But I will, however, be uploading every week from now on! Every Tuesday, people!

Okay, so that being out of the way, I just wanna mention the only sites that I’m in the middle of using. I don’t use any other sites. If there are any of my stuff elsewhere, just know that I might have written it at early stages and please don’t judge me. đŸ˜€

All in all, these are the only sites that I use…


Desirable Purity Beauty Blog
Desirable Purity This Blog.

Desirable Purity Makeovers
Desirable Purity



The only email address you can reach me at is


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