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YC Skincare Haul

So, I just realized I didn’t have enough skincare products, and that my skin is getting upset with me, and that I’m broke.

What an eventful day!

Yong Chin. YC. I actually really like this brand. It’s affordable and works great. Unbelievably great. But let’s get into the haul before anything, shall we? (Oh, and this is not sponsored. If any of my posts are sponsored or contain a PR sample, I will make sure to let you guys know.)


YC Whitening Cleansing Milk Lotion (All Skin Types) – “YC Cleansing Milk is ideal for cleans face by removing dirt & makeup quickly yet gently effortlessly removes even the heaviest makeup.”

YC Whitening Face Wash (Milk Extract) – “An extra moisturizing face for skin that needs special nourishment. Effective formula deeply cleanses your face. Extra nourishment with natural extracts & milk protein helps eliminate dirt & residue while help control excess oil restore natural moisture balance to your skin. The skin appears clean healthy & young.”

YC Whitening Facial Herbal Mud Mask – “It has immediate therapeutics cooling, soothing and nourishing effects. Perfect ingredients help your skin brighten, balances, deep cleanses, detoxifies, refreshes, relaxes, promotes much needed facial blood circulation, lighten and lift up a tired complexion.”

YC Peel Off Mask (Aloe Vera Extracts) – “Deep cleans oil and dirt from pores and allows moisture to be absorbed into the skin. Make your skin look clean, softer, firmer, and smoother with a fresh, healthy glow.”

YC Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover (Cucumber Extracts) – “This is ideal for gently cleansing off makeup and dirt lodged in your pores. Soft, supple and healthy skin.”

YC Whitening Toner (Dry/sensitive skin, Cucumber Extracts) – “Tightens pores to help reduce oiliness. It also contains the natural moisturizing ingredient to keep skin soft and supple.”

What I love about this Brand is that I see results. I do. I’ve used this in the past and I wanted to try new stuff from this brand.

What I hate about this brand is the grammatical errors on their description. It took a lot of strength for me to grab something from this brand, because almost everything had an error in the description and that showed how unprofessional it really was. God!

Anyway, I got my stuff from Chase Up located near Neepa Chowrangi, Karachi. If you want to order online, you can definitely check Just4Girls!
You can use my friend (Dudette’s Talk) Umaima Mehtab’s code (J4GDT5) for 5% off on your purchase.

Let me know what you guys would like a review on! I would love to do one for you guys!
Also, check out previous haul here!

Till next time
Take care!


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10 thoughts on “YC Skincare Haul

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my code, love ❤ YC whitening scrub disappointed me big time. I have been hearing good thing about their masks, gonna give it a try once I am done the ones I have. Great picks 🙂

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