#QuickTip: How to Save Dried Gel Liner!

I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to take the pictures. I realized that I should share this with you guys after I was done with it.

The tip is very easy, and you might already know it. We all know how beautiful a gel liner can make a look, and we hold them very dear to our hearts. And it’s a real pain when they dry up, because then the liner just doesn’t look awesome and ruins the whole look, no matter how much water you apply to it.

This happens when we let the cap open for too long. The one tip for it NOT to dry is that you should shut the cap after each dip. Yes, dip. Not after every use, but after each dip. That will prevent it from drying. Also, don’t use water in attempts to try and bringing it back to its real state; this won’t help.

But if the gel liner has dried up, and you’re already crying over the spilled milk or the dried gel, I believe that heating the pot does the trick. However, it might go back to being dry soon after. So, what I like to do when my gel liners dry up, is that I add a few eye drops in it. Recently I tried a new method of adding very few drops of oil in it. It can be any oil that is safe for the eyes.

Mix it in with your finger (yes, it’s better), and let it rest. Check your liner the next day and I assure you it will be so smooth, you’ll fall in love with it. I loved the results I got! So, make sure you try this method and let me know if it worked out for you.

The oils are gulped in by the dry gel, but it might not be as smudge proof as it used to be. So make sure you set your liner with a black eye shadow to get the best results. Or do what I do best; buy a new one. *Winks*

Please, by all means, do share with me your methods for when your gel liner dries up.

Till next time!

Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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