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4 Cringe-worthy Makeup Trends of 2016 | The Hall of Beauty

2016 is finally over and we never wanna talk about it again. First, this year went by incredibly fast. I blinked my eyes and *poof* we’re in 2017. Second, what happened to the world of beauty? I miss the good old days when makeup was to enhance your beauty and not to look like the exact same as everyone else. The makeup game is something we all need to talk about.

This post is in collaboration with Dudette’s Talk. Check out her post here. Head over to her blog and read about the worst Intragram Trends of 2016. But before that, let’s talk about some of the cringy makeup trends we’re ditching this year.

Also, these are purely my opinions. Some of these things, if done correctly look absolutely beautiful, but mostly these techniques are misused and look awful.

1. Full Coverage Foundation: Everybody loves an even-toned skin, but not everyone needs about three layers of thick foundation to cover up every bit of the skin on their faces. Most people end up looking extremely cake-y. Even if you’re taking a hundred photographs, you don’t need that much coverage, nor if you’re under extreme lights. All you need is something that would make your skin look like your skin, but better. What doesn’t look good in person, would never look good in pictures.

Beautiful skin, why cover it up?
Img source: Google Images

The makeup is pretty. I agree. But if you have beautiful skin, why cover it up completely?

2. Concealer Selection: Using a concealer that is way lighter than your actual skin tone is plain wrong. I can not even begin to describe how bad this looks. Going a shade or two lighter looks absolutely stunning. But I’ve seen people going about five to six shades lighter under their eyes, and it’s not a good look.

Img source: Google Images

No. Never. Not.

3. Trout Pout: Don’t even get me started on this. I’m not talking about slightly pouty lips, I’m talking about the extremes. What is wrong with people? Why do they find dislocated looking faces beautiful these days? Everybody is beautiful just the way they are. Can everyone please stop trying to be someone else? Over-done anything looks bad.

Img source: Google Images

4. Extreme Contouring: Just as you don’t need full coverage with perfect skin, you don’t need excessive contouring. What is the need to contour your neck, feet, hands, belly, chest, ass, va-jay-jay. The hell is this new trend? Ain’t nobody got time for that, trust me. Beauty is not everything. The time you waste doing all that, try reading a book; the benefits will last a lot longer.

Img source: Google Images

That’s about it for the 2016 roast! I will see you next time inshaAllah with a Collective Haul. Till then, take care!

Munazza Bangash

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