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BBB x MUR Fortune Favours the Brave Palette – Review | Munazza Bangash

Jane [British Beauty Blogger] is one of the most talented bloggers I follow, so when she collaborated with one of my most favorite budget-friendly makeup brands, I could feel the magic happening. Behold, Fortune Favours the Brave Palette!

When I first got this palette I was beyond excited seeing the wide range of shades suitable for all skin tones, a palette perfect for all over the year. However there are some cons along with the pros, and today I will share my views about this beautiful palette.


Thirty shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one golden palette for an every which-way smoky eye. From the lightest of brightening base colours to the darkest, most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between, Fortune is the most versatile, every-age, every-tone palette yet.


  • Matte gold, with glossy logo
  • Tight and sturdy
  • Large mirror
  • Simple applicator (not the sponge)
  • Plastic packaging (looks classy, feels cheap)
  • All the shades carry names written on a plastic sheet placed over them
  • Very small pans. 


      • Finishes: Matten, Satin, shimmer
      • Includes four baked, marbled eyeshadows
      • Quality differs with the shades


      1. Glimmer: peachy pink shade with satin finish and is very sheer; can work well as a topper.
      2. Buffer: cool toned brow with matte finish, not as pigminted but can work well as a transition shade.
      3. Peachy: peach shade with satin finish, not much pigmented but can work with some mac fix plus.
      4. Hope: stunning brownish-purple shade with shimmer finish; nicely pigmented.

      1. Fortune: dark, earthy gold shade with shimmer finish, beautifully pigmented.
      2. Skylight: baked, marbled blue shade with shimmer finish. Highly pigmented and super stunning.
      3. Transformer: navy blue eyeshadow with matte finish; highly pigmented.
      4. Midnight Rainbow: blue shimmer shade; nicely pigmented.

      1. Ice Cloud: icy white shimmer shade; moderately pigmented.
      2. Golden Coins: Baked, marbled golden shimmer shade; highly pigmented and super gorgeous.
      3. Cashmere: cool toned brownish, purplish shade with satin finish; moderately pigmented.
      4. Tip top: baby puke color with matte finish; moderately pigmented.

      1. Yes Please: Greenish gold shimmer shade; highly pigmented.
      2. Green Machine: Stunning green shimmer shade; highly pigmented.
      3. Smoothie: Navy green matte shade; moderately pigmented; thumbs down for the way it blends.

      1. Caffeine Fix: Classic dark brown matte shade, moderately pigmented.
      2. Latte: Skin toned shade perfect for transitioning; moderately pigmented.
      3. Pink Diamond: cool toned pink shimmery shade; not as pigmented.
      4. Creme: peachy, skin toned with matte finish; moderately pigmented.

      1. Drama Queen: beautiful dark brown with satin finish; nicely pigmented.
      2. Lonely Planet: baked, marbled navy blue’ish black shade; super pigmented and very blendable.
      3. Blacqua: blackest of black shade with matte finish; very pigmented but I don’t like how it blends.

      1. Soft: pinky matte shade, moderately pigmented.
      2. New world: baked marbled silver shade; highly pigmented and very blendable.
      3. Favour:  Stunning purple shimmer shade; highly pigmented.
      4. Sunset hour: copper gold shade with shimmer finish.

      1. Super gold: Brownish gold shimmer shade; highly pigmented.
      2. Winning: purple matte shade; moderately pigmented.
      3. Brave: Dark purple with satin finish; highly pigmented.
      4. The Revolution: Purple shade with copper shimmer; moderately pigmented.


      • Some shades were unblendable.
      • Some shades when tried to blend with a brush would move around.
      • Fall out was an issue.
      • To get the best color pay-off of some shades, you would need an eyeshadow primer or Mac fix plus.


      1. Versatile
      2. Every-age
      3. Every-tone


      1. It is quite versatile. It can be used for different purposes. Some shades like Glimmer and New World can be used as highlighters.
      2. It does have some shades that are suitable for almost all ages. We have mattes, shimmers and shades with satin finish. The colors may also suit people with different ages, and in different seasons.
      3. It contains cool toned shades as well some warm, but mostly cool. I wish it had some oranges and more warms tones but oh well.

        PRICE AND AVAILABLITY: I got mine from from PKR 2000. 

        RATING: 3.5/5 stars. It was great but I expected more of it. Makeup revolution’s Redemption Palettes have better quality.

        DO I RECOMMEND IT? I do. It’s really nice. But aside from some problems, like small pans and the quality of a few shades, the shade range and price point is amazing!

        That’s it for today. Till next time!

        Munazza Bangash

        Youtube: /TheHallofBeauty

        Facebook: /makeoversbyMB

        Instagram: /MunazzaBangash

        Twitter: /munazza_bangash

        Snapchat: /MunazzaBangash

        2 thoughts on “BBB x MUR Fortune Favours the Brave Palette – Review | Munazza Bangash

        1. This palette is indeed very beautiful and caught the eyes of most bloggers but I might not invest in it, since, I don’t do much eye makeup. Really liked your descriptive take on this eyeshadow palette. 🙂


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