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Showdown! Makeup Revolution Baked Mono Eyeshadows | Munazza Bangash

Assalam o alaikum!

The other day I ordered two of the single eyeshadows by Makeup Revolution and I realized that I hoard these shadows. I am absolutely obsessed. 

So here are all the mono baked shadows that I own by Makeup Revolution in one post. Let me know if you would like a showdown of the palettes I own by this brand.

So without further delay, let’s get straight into the showdown. We’ll proceed from the upper left one to the bottom right.


This has got to be my favorite of them all. It is a beautiful highlighting pale shade. It can be used on the lid, brow bone, inner corner as well cheek highlight. It really is a multi purpose product.

The texture is smooth and it has a soft shimmer but works as a blinding highlight. I absolutely love it.


When I first saw this shade I immediately thought how perfect this would be for the brows. I was right. I use this everyday for my brows and it looks so natural, it’s unreal. I would not use them on my clients since it doesn’t have the desired coverage for snatched brows and also it does tend to get a bit messy when trying to use precisely.

The texture is very soft. It is a matte shade.


This is a newer purchase. It is a beautiful purple, glittery shade that would steal the show if used in a halo look. The pigmentation is high and it looks stunning when swatched.

The texture is harder than all I own so far. It also feels scratch-y but the color pay off is bomb.


This is one of the oldest mono eyeshadows I own from Makeup Revolution. It is a creamy, marbled, shimmery goodness that each makeup lover needs in their life. It is a beautiful broze shade that looks stunning on the lids.


This has got to be one of the best discoveries I have made in the makeup industry. This is such a stunning transition shade. What’s great about this is that it doubles as a perfect contour. I do not own any contour shade that comes close to the perfect dimension this brings to my face. 

This is a matte shade and the texture is semi hard.


This is one of the newer shades I have bought. It is a beautiful lavender, shimmery shade that I am yet to incorporate into a look, but I know it will look stunning on the center of the lid.

It is smooth to touch but not as smooth as the last one. The pigmentation is great on this one, too.


This is a kind of silver shimmer shade with gold flakes. I love to use this as an inner corner highlight. It doubles as a blinding cheek highlighter for girls with really pale skin tones.

The texture of this shade is quite harder than Mountains of Gold but the pigment is unreal.


This has got to the best gold shade I own. It’s not super high coverage (though it can be with a little bit of setting spray on the brush), but it can make the look ten times better. I love to use this as a topper and it adds that extra beauty to the eye look. 

It is super creamy and soft to touch, and very pigmented when swatched. It is very reflective and is overall a stunning shimmer gold shade.

That’s it for today. Till next time!

Munazza Bangash

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