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Product of the Month – J. Note| The Hall of Beauty

Assalam o alaikum!
Welcome to this new series on The Hall of Beauty. Previously, I would add Product of the Month in my monthly Catch Up, but then I thought that the products deserved a bit more than that. And besides, I figured, you guys would like to read more about the product than just a name. So, every month, I will share a Five Star product with you on this blog. (Better smash the subscribe button!)

Today, the product of the month is from the brand; J dot (J.) [Junaid Jamshed] Note Cosmetics. It’s their Terracotta Powder!

J. Note Terracotta Powder 02

Back Story: The first time I went to the J. aisle in Lucky One, I swatched their Terracotta powder and was shocked at the crazy pigmentation. I was with my friends Umaima Mehtab (Dudette’s Talk) and Naba Iqbal (She Corner), and they were drooling over it as well. I didn’t think twice and bought the 02 shade because the first one looked very pale when swatched. When I got back home, and swatched the highlighter (I’ll just start calling it that), and it was golden; too gold for my face, and I am not really that fair. I was shocked, and honestly, very saddened. Then I gave it to someone with whom it suited well, and the next time I went to the J. aisle, I bought the shade 01 which is suitable for my skin tone.

J. Note Terracotta Powder 02

The other thing I found weird was that the actual product wasn’t as pigmented at the one swatched in the mall. But I got it’s answer very soon. The first layer of the product is a bit stiffer, and then as you use it regularly, it becomes more and more pigmented. I have been using it for more than a month (non-stop), and I am very pleased with the pigmentation and the color.

J. Note Terracotta Powder 02

3 Things I Love About J. Note Terracotta Powder:

  1. Quality: The Terracotta Powder is basically used as a highlighter on all the usual areas (high points of the cheek, bridge of the nose, brow bone, inner corner, cupid’s bow). The quality of the product is beyond nice. It sits beautifully on the skin without making the pores visible (I even doubt that it minimizes them), and without looking glittery or shimmery. Even though it is a blinding highlight, it looks natural.
  2. Packaging: I had not expected J. to have such good taste in packaging. It is a plastic box but looks so chic and luxurious that it’s kind of worthy of sitting on your vanity.
  3. Price Point: Such good quality product with a good sized pan, only for more or less 1000 rs. What? I could never find good highlighters at that price point. I think this was a great purchase.

J. Note Terracotta Powder 02

The only thing that bothers me is the shade range. It needs a wider range for different skin tones. Also, there is a bit of kick back in the pan, but that just mean that it’s hell pigmented, and I am fine with that.

J. Note Terracotta Powder 02

So, this month under the lime light was the Terracotta Powder from J. Note.I got mine from Lucky One Mall for Rs. 1099/-.

Comment below and let me know if you have used it before. Also, what is you favorite highlighter at the moment and why? I would love to read your words.

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