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Plan With Me – January 2018 Bullet Journal | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

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Assalam o alaikum!

2018 started with a bang, and I cut off one of the [huge] goals right from the first of January; Alhamdolillah. Since 2018 has already started and not all can fit in a yearly log, we need a monthly log! So welcome the first Plan With Me of the year – January 2018.

For the Month of January I was inspired by AmandaRachLee’s December Plan With Me; and that is beyond beautiful. She is, like, the queen of bullet journaling for me. I don’t even come close to what she does, so if you don’t know her, make sure to check her videos out!

For this month, I kept to the theme of all blues and snowflakes, because it is such a cold month, and honestly I just love the winter season and everything related to it; especially the snow.

The first heading is my Word of the Month, which is Hustle. This word was inspired by Lilly Singh and her amazing book; How to be a Bawse. This month I want to work harder and stick to my schedule, and hustle hard to achieve my goals for the year and have brand new ones in 2019.

Next up, we have my Growth Tracker. In this spread I have written all my current followers of my blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; then I have my goal of followers by the end of the month; and lastly, there is an empty section for the followers I have By the End, so this way, I keep a track of my overall success and growth.

Then comes my January spread. In my monthly log, I draw a complete month of January and write down all the important events that are due throughout the month. This way, when I’m doing my weekly logs, I can refer back to the monthly log and plan my week ahead.

The next two pages are my Ideas dump, in which I drop all the random ideas I think of, that I can utilize for the rest of the month for my blog and YouTube channel (and so this way in my weekly logs, I can just write the title of the blog post and videos that I want to post that day); and Expense Tracker.

Expense Tracker is the most essential and important spread of the whole bullet journal for me because I suck at keeping a track of my expenses. So on this page, I have set up a date, description and whether it’s an income or an expense, and so by the end of the month I would have a knowledge of what financial condition I am in and what needs to be changed.

Habit Tracker is a fun page in which I track all the things that I need to do every single day and want to make it into a habit. It can be absolutely anything. For me, it is offering Fajar prayers, reciting Qur’an, reading a book, staying away from junk food, etc.

Then I have my mood tracker. Different moods are color coded. By the end of each day I will evaluate my mood and color in the circles for each day. By the end of the month, I will have a whole chart of what I felt throughout the month, so I can keep a track of my mood.

Dream log is just a fun page in which I wanted to keep a track of all the dreams that I remember by the time I wake up. And then I have a Gratitude Log, in which I write all the things I feel grateful for as the days go by.

These two pages landed in my Monthly Log because I dream a lot and I am grateful for many things everyday, so if it was in my Yearly Log, a page or two would have never been enough.

Then I have a quote that reads “Do it Today or Regret it Tomorrow.” This goes hand in hand with my word of the month. It is written in different colors than the theme of the month; this is because I wanted it to grab my attention from the rest of the pages to have myself reminded that I need to work harder and harder each day.

And after that there is a random page for “notes” which is more like a Brain Dump, reminders, etc. If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it will land in “Notes.”

Finally, we have the Weekly Log. Each week will be planned ahead day to day. All the tasks in here are very specific and To-the-Point, so I know exactly what needs to be done each day.

Well, that’s about it. I am extremely excited about the concept of Bullet Journaling and can’t wait to keep it all updated.

Do you think Bullet Journaling is a waste of time? How do you keep your life organised?

Munazza Bangash

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