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Plan With Me – April| THE HALL OF BUJO

Okay, so this is the second time I sat down to write this post; the first time, I don’t know what happened but the whole post got deleted, and now I’m very scared for this one.

Here we go!

Welcome back to my blog, everyone! I hope you’re having a great time, and that April is doing wonders for you, although I don’t think it’s much capable of doing as it is us who have the choice to be productive and happy, and nothing can influence that decision if we don’t let it.

I’m so late for this month’s bullet journal set up, but I’m finally here with it and hopefully that’s what matters. I hope you guys enjoy this, and without any delay, let’s get straight into it.


Title Page: This month I kept it all blue to subtly invite the rain. Just as last month’s title page, there is a mini calendar on top of the page and a quote at the bottom. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And then I have the name of the month in fake calligraphy in the middle of the page.


Word of the Month: This month’s word is Happiness. This is to remind that I’m in control of my own emotions and that if I choose to be happy, nothing can influence that.

Growth Tracker: At the bottom of the page I have my tracker for all my social media outlets in one place. This way I know where I’m going with what platform and which one needs more love.


Monthly Log: This is one of the most important and useful spreads of my entire bullet journal set up. It give me an idea of the whole month in a glance.


Expense Tracker: This spread is one of my least liked but most used and an important one. It is disliked by me because, frankly, it shows me the mirror and lets me know what a shopaholic I really am and that I need to stop or I’ll be broke.


Ideas Dump: Whenever I feel inspired by something for my blog, I quickly jot it down in this page; and so when I sit to write a blog post, I always refer back to this page and feel inspired again. This saves me from the much dreaded Writer’s Block.


Mood Tracker: I made a mistake of not adding this spread in the set up of the previous month. That month wasn’t colorful enough for me! So this month, I brought back the Mood Tracker and I can not wait to fill these boxes with, hopefully, yellow.


Habit Tracker: I made some drastic changes to my habit tracker. Last month’s tracker had a table format and a ton of habits to track. This month, I shortlisted some of the most important habits that I wanted to track, and made a mini calendar with each. This way I am more productive and focused, and I get a separate report by the end of each month for each tracker!


Weekly Log: And finally, my weekly log. This is comparatively simpler. I plan on writing my day’s events under all the tasks that were done that day. So far, it has been very effective.


I have added two more spreads to this set up but that will be shared in next month’s post. You can check out last month’s post here.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me!
Munazza Bangash

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