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How to Prevent Acne (Gym Skincare) | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Working out is one of the best things you can do to yourself. While working out can make your skin glow, all the sweat and dirt, and sun exposure can damage your skin, too. The exercise part really does wonders to your skin. However, all the other variables can work towards reversing that effect, and causing acne. Click to read the reasons, precautions and my gym skin care routine, to prevent acne.

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Here’s Why You Should Never Compare Yourself to Celebrities (Before and After Pics) | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Aren't all these celebrities absolutely gorgeous? They have the perfect eyes that reflect with confidence, incredible posture, beautiful sculpted bodies and flawless skin...and sorry to burst your bubble, but most of it is photoshopped.  Here are some before and afters of famous celebrities that tell us that they are, in fact, just as human as we are. However, it is their job to look perfect; your job is to make the world a better place. Click to read why you should never compare yourself to a celebrity.

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How to do Pedicure at Home – Easy Procedure, Tips & Benefits | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

We have always been fascinated by those amazing manicure and pedicure procedures done at beauty salons; the comfort, the convenience and the luxury; it really is a stress buster and it all sounds so attractive. But it attracts one more thing; lots and lots of money - and don't mind me, I might be a cheap person. I like to get best results at the most affordable prices. So, here I am today, sharing my pedicure procedure with you so that you can, too, get the best results at home! Click to read!

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Makeup Guide and Looks with Pantone Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

"Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come. A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future." Want to know how this color can be brought into your makeup collection and makeup looks? I'm here to the rescue! Click to read.

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My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up – How I Organize my Life | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

A bullet journal is your best friend. It gives you enough room to do whatever you want with it. It is a set of empty pages and ready for you to make it into whatever you want it to be. It can be your to-do lists, your collections, your notebook, your diary; or most probably all of the above. Click to see what my set up is for the year of 2018!

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It’s Okay to Pause – Time Management | Munazza Bangash

I take a lot of breaks. I know. Personal commitments, boundaries and problems can convince us into going in survival mode instead of conquering mode (as Lilly Singh likes to call it). We tend to just get things done as if it's a useless responsibility that needs to be off our shoulders as quick as… Continue reading It’s Okay to Pause – Time Management | Munazza Bangash