Back to Basics: What is a Primer? | MUNAZZA BANGASH

A lot of the times, we assume that all the beginners are aware of every tiny detail about a particular product as we do. We think that they’re familiar with every terminology that we know, and understand every jargon that we use. But we forget that as beginners, these were the same things that used to confuse us. So, today we are going back to basics. Here is everything (in my knowledge) that you need to know about primers.

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How to Apply Stones to Your Nails

We have all been through the torture of picking up a stone and trying to apply it on our nails. It gets flipped over, it falls down, you pick more than one, nails polish gets smudged, and so on and so fourth. In short, it’s a torture. Today, I’m going to share with you guys…