Beauty Hacks and Remedies for Eyes, Face and Lips | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Makeup is fun, but skin care is much more important. If you have good skin, the makeup wouldn’t need much work to look flawless. As we all know good skin care can be ridiculously expensive. We forget the good old days when natural ingredients and simple hacks were used to take care of the body. So, here I am with some of those simpler hack for the eyes, face and lips!

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How to get rid of Dark Circles?

There are a few simple, long term ways (that I have found useful) to get rid of dark circles. Nothing fancy, let me tell you. You have probably heard of these ways, and there is a chance you haven’t done them so far. Isn’t that the reason why you’re reading this again?

Well, let’s get straight into it, shall we?