November Tag – 8 Scenarios and Questions! (Introducing)

Seriously, love yourself. From all the answers I gave above, let me assure you that they were all for fun. I don’t want to transform into someone else, or have someone else’s body. I love the way I am, because I’m myself. And no one can be me as good as I can. So, just be yourself. All of those people you see successful today and you want to be them, just remember one little thing; they worked hard for it. If you work hard at anything you have passion for, you are going to be where they are.

Would You Rather? Tag. Beauty Edition!

So, beautiful, guess what? I got nominated for Would You Rather tag. The lovely Umaima Mehtab from Dudette’s Talk tagged me.

“Babe, you can get fake lashes, but you don’t get fake eyebrows without being ridiculously obvious about it.”

“I would never give up on my baby!”

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