Kryolan Makeup Fixier Spray – Review

"It can prolong the life of the makeup and it's effects. Apply a thin coat and allow to dry. This will help to make your makeup smudge and rub proof. It helps to withstand heat of lights, heavy wear and perspiration."


November Tag – 8 Scenarios and Questions! (Introducing)

Seriously, love yourself. From all the answers I gave above, let me assure you that they were all for fun. I don't want to transform into someone else, or have someone else's body. I love the way I am, because I'm myself. And no one can be me as good as I can. So, just be yourself. All of those people you see successful today and you want to be them, just remember one little thing; they worked hard for it. If you work hard at anything you have passion for, you are going to be where they are.