Makeup Revolution mini Haul

So, a while back I ordered few makeup goodies from It was only when the package arrive did I realize that I, in fact, had ordered everything from one brand, only. You’ve guessed it, (if you haven’t, I don’t even know you anymore. It’s in the title, dude), Makeup Revolution.

So, today, I’m going to share with you the five products I’ve ordered, few of which I fell in love with. Mini Haul!

I took two deals, one was L’Oreal Paris’s and the other was this very cute brush kit which I needed in my life, obviously. The other, sparkly pouch is not from! It’s actually from a local store. Read on for more!

First post with — Wisdom

In this very first post of my beauty blog, I would like to discuss the unpleasantness of a girl who is pretty by the face but ugly by her mouth; doesn’t know what she says. Wisdom. Without Wisdom, one just doesn’t realize that he has to think before he speaks. A girl without wisdom, is like…