Beauty Hacks and Remedies for Eyes, Face and Lips | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Makeup is fun, but skin care is much more important. If you have good skin, the makeup wouldn’t need much work to look flawless. As we all know good skin care can be ridiculously expensive. We forget the good old days when natural ingredients and simple hacks were used to take care of the body. So, here I am with some of those simpler hack for the eyes, face and lips!

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Beauty Essentials Mini Haul | the Hall of Beauty

Today we have an essentials haul with us. These are the things I ran out of and had to run and buy. Since, most of you want to know about skin care and other beauty ride or dies; I thought we can take a short break from makeup, and focus on some β€œbeauty groceries”!

Random Eid Haul!

I randomly picked a lot of the stuff. It includes metallic nail polishes, eye shadows, pigments, perfume, pins, gel liner, fake nails, lash glue, bangles, etc.

So, these are the things I’ve bought.